Rabu, 25 Juli 2012


"That would be all, Milady," says the maid as she bows respectfully towards the little princess. Before she leaves, she observes the young girl standing in front of the window, not appearing to have heard whatever she has said, focusing only on the world beyond the glass. The maid is suddenly drown with sadness. Poor girl, she thinks, as she feels her heart clenches, this is not where she belongs.

What the maid does not realize that instead of the dancing trees and flowers in the Royal Garden, the princess is staring at her own reflection. What is she doing here, in a castle as big as her village? Who is she, really? Is she Laasya, the girl who grew up surrounded by forests and lakes? Or is she Princess Laasya, the lost daughter of King Magnus, Lord of Aerya? What will happen to her parents, now that she is taken away from them? Who are her real parents?

Who is she, really?

Her thoughts are stopped as she hears three knocks on her doors. Before she can say anything, and luckily, also before her tears start to fall down, the doors are open, and in comes Queen Maegan. "Princess Laasya, my child," she says with a beautiful smile on her lovely face, "come, let us dine together. Your father awaits."

My father is miles away from here, she thinks, but she knows better than to say it out loud. Instead, she does what is expected of her: she bows respectfully, and follows the queen--her mother, biologically--to the dining room, the size twice as large as her school back in the village.

No, Laasya, she says to herself silently, you mustn't think about the village anymore. Your life is here, now. The rest does not matter.

As the doors to the dining room open, and the lights from the majestic lamps blind her, she can only convince herself to let another hour pass, another day go by, another year...

With the questions left unanswered.

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