Selasa, 22 November 2011

"I Met A Guy!"

Tasha's eyes suddenly became big with interest, her smile grew bigger than the whole Asian continent. It was not unexpected, really. You see, different with me who was always single my entire life (foreveralone.jpg), my best friend Tasha was a bit popular with the guys. No, not the blonde-tall-sexy Barbie kind of popular, but the nice-sweet-smart kind. She had always thought that I should get a boyfriend too, because she got guilty every time she went out with her boyfriend instead of me. Not the I minded (very much), though. It was only natural that she got excited over hearing the news that I, Melinda Brown, the girl whose fingers might as well be glued to the keyboard of her computer, might be dating.

"Seriously?" she asked, her excitement very apparent, "What's his name?"

"Josh," I replied, "His name is Josh."

"Josh! He sounds smart!" She commented, still looking very excited. "How old is he?"

"About two or three years older than us," I replied, "at least he seemed like it."

Tasha's face couldn't be any brighter because of the (... um, I would use another word but my vocabulary is limited, so I'm just going to say it again) excitement. "What is he like?"

"Funny, I guess," I replied, "I met him on 9GAG."

Suddenly all the excitement in Tasha's face just faded away.

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