Sabtu, 03 November 2012


I want to fly all over the world and eat candies and chocolates and meet all of my friends and we will all sing together a song that we all know and love and we will camp in a mountain and sleep with the flirting stars and wake up with the sun's greeting and that is when the new day comes when we will eat more chocolates and make more friends and go on more adventures and take over the world.

I want to go to a foreign land covered with snow and I want to fall in love.

I want to live somewhere far away from the smokes and thunders, read books about happy things, paint in colors of music, dance to birds chirping, jump with rabbits and kangaroos, visit my friends on a polar bear, swim with mermaids and fly with fairies.

I want to be hugged before and after I go to sleep.

I want to forget how to cry.

I want no reason for tears.

I want the world to be happy!

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dwiagustriani mengatakan...

udah tengok blog yang blog yang ini lagi :)

Evi Sri Rezeki mengatakan...

Selalu kagum sama blogger yang isi postingannya bahasa inggris *maaf OOT*