Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

Toni Saw Two Ghosts

After making herself a nice, warm chocolate drink, Toni walked back to her dorm room from the pantry only to find two eerie looking female ghosts hovering around down the corridor. Now Toni was a brave girl, she was braver than any of her classmates, but if there were two things that scared her the most, they would be her mother's wrath and ghosts.

Toni was terrified. She was about to scream--

But the two ghosts noticed and quickly flew towards her, one of them putting her hands over Toni's mouth and the other stopped abruptly in front of her, with a finger in front of her mouth, whispering, "Silence! Silence, kid!"

Toni was so scared she forgot how to scream. "I--" she bravely tried to talk it out with the ghosts. She had an important exam tomorrow, and she really desperately needed to go back to her room to continue her studying. But an "I--" was all she could manage.

"No offense, kid," whisper the ghost whose hands now have finally gotten off Toni's mouth, "but we really have no interest in you. Say, would you happen to know where Tia Hampton's room is? We have a little business with her."

Toni swore she didn't know why she raised her hand and pointed it to Tia's room, which was conveniently (though unfortunately) located right in front the three of them.

The two ghosts nodded in gratefulness, and quickly went through the door of Tia's room. Toni stood there for a while, her eyes blank, her mind even more blank. She finally convinced herself that she studied way too much tonight and that she needed to get some rest. The test tomorrow wouldn't be so hard anyway, because it was Mrs. Chong. Her exams were never hard. A little complex, but never hard.

Toni regained her composure and walked back to her room, closed her books, drank down the chocolate drink quickly, changed to her pajamas, brushed her teeth, turned off the lamp, and quickly went to sleep.

The next day, Tia Hampton stood in front of the class before the exam, saying her goodbye because she was moving to another school. That was lucky. Exam was cancelled because Mrs. Chong was busy crying over the sudden leave of her favorite student.

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