Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Two Days

"Let me at least explain this," I sit helplessly on the corner of the dark and soggy room, pleading. "You don't understand. I'm sorry. I really am. If only I knew..."

She isn't having any of it. She takes out her wand with her trembling hand, slowly, but surely. Her whole body is shivering with cold and shock. She must not believe what happened between us. The three of us: herself, me, and her dead husband. In just two days.

"Please..." I can't give up here, can I? I've done wrong. I know I have. That's why I can't give up. I must make it right. Somehow. "There is something I need to tell you."

Her teary eyes are filled with hurt. She has made her decision. As she stares at me, she lifts her wand and points it to her own head.

My eyes are wide-open by the time I realize it. Of course. How did it fail to cross my head? "No," I whisper weakly. "No, please..."

She closes her eyes. With the faintest voice, she whispers the spell that will change our lives forever. The lives that have been ruined in the last two days, anyway. I can't almost hear it.


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