Kamis, 23 Juni 2016

Predicament (30 Hari Menulis #23: Action)

I find myself in a predicament: there are fireballs traveling in what seems like light speed heading my way.

I imagine it would suck so hard if they made contact with my bare face. Good thing I managed to block it with a water barrier, then.

The firebender moves to my left, and I don't waste any time. I bend the barrier into ice spikes and send them his way. He's too fast, though. I swear it's barely physically impossible to move directions while you're running as quickly as he did, but if it's him, anything's possible.

I try my luck, locking him in an ice jail as he runs past a trail of water from the lake right next to us as fast as I can. It works, and I almost smile victoriously before I notice his grin.

He heats his whole body. The ice is melting, so I quickly get into the lake before he sets himself free. I surround myself with water tentacles, and dear God it takes so much of my energy when it's midday and I can't borrow the power of my brother's dead ex-girlfriend. I don't show it, though.

He breaks free.

I try to hit him with one of my water tentacles, but he dodges it to the right. Unlucky for him, though, I've already readied the second tentacle.


He's soaked all over, his long hair glistening under the sun. He looks at me for a fraction of a second, and he runs.

Toward me.

Into the big, deep lake.

Is he crazy? This is completely my territory!

Confused, I freeze the surface to lock him in, but he's already swimming deeper by the time the water freezes above him.

My heart pounds as I wait for him to break the already melting frozen surface and show himself, but it's been a second too long. Where is he?

The sudden heat of the water surrounding me answers my question. I'm startled at the temperature that rised way too quickly, and lose my balance. I fall into the water.

I haven't had time to make sense of my surroundings when I see the fire in his eyes approaching me.

I could have just frozen the water around him before he reaches me, but I'm out of breath and energy and my lungs are just screaming at me demanding oxygen, so I quickly move my legs and swim towards the completely melted surface.

I gasp for air, taking enough to get ready to dive back in and find him, but before I can do anything, his face shows itself right next to me.

"Tag," he smirks as he places his hand on my head, "you're it."

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